Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Jesus Manifesto

Just read this Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet.

You can download the full PDF here some snippets here:

Jesus Christ cannot be separated from his teachings. Aristotle says to his disciples, “Follow my teachings.” Socrates says to his disciples, “Follow my teachings.” Buddha says to his disciples, “Follow my meditations.” Confucius says to his disciples, “Follow my sayings.” Muhammad says to his disciples, “Follow my noble pillars.” Jesus says to his disciples, “Follow me.” In all other religions, a follower can follow the teachings of its founder without having a relationship with that founder. Not so with Jesus Christ. The teachings of Jesus cannot be separated from Jesus himself. Jesus Christ is still alive and he embodies his teachings. It is a profound mistake, therefore, to treat Christ as simply the founder of a set of moral, ethical, or social teaching. The Lord Jesus and his teaching are one. The Medium and the Message are One. Christ is the incarnation of the Kingdom of God and the Sermon on the Mount.

I find Violas stuff a little negative and not always constructive. I have an early edition of Pagan Christianity, it was OKish!!! I don't mind negativity on one level, just when it's a big fat book full of it.

I'm not sure about Mr Sweet either, we tried to book him for a conference once, his charges where roughly £3500 per day, first class travel and the requirement of needing to stay in a 5 star hotel. I don't know why that put's me off his writings, a worker is worthy of his hire etc, but it does! My thoughts on Soul Salsa, where "trying to hard"

Anyway this document is good, you should read it.


jude said...

I had my first weird vicar conversation about Frank Viola in PC World yesterday...

Amy said...

Just wanted to mention--The online “Jesus Manifesto” essay by Sweet & Viola has just been expanded to a 200-page book called JESUS MANIFESTO (published by Thomas Nelson). The book releases Tuesday, June 1st at a discount from :) Here’s the link: