Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday night Monday morning

Tonight I was on call so sure enough at 1.30am we get a call to take some young 18 year old girls and her friend back to their hotel, this all worked out ok and i surprised myself with the hotel staff by how much Spanish I knew.

Then came the worst scene of my summer so far, we saw a big lad with is friends who was completely drunk just lying in the middle of the west end. We went to help and he was just covered in puke. We lifted him up and he got puke all over my arms, then he slung his arm round my neck so i got puke all over my neck and then the worst moment came as we got him into the vomit van. Puke pinged up from his hair and went in my mouth........

I managed to spit it out but it left a bit of a taste, it's now 4.22 am and I am having a whiskey to kill the germs and wash my mouth out.

What a great start to the week, I am doing a wedding later on today so that should at least be vomit free. I am really looking forward to marrying a beautiful couple called Paul and Emma they are based in the Uk but have come here for the service. So I get the rough and the smooth. The sad and the happy.

Thats life I guess.


kiwipaddy said...

Good on you ... I think I would have chucked at that point myself. Hope the wedding is amazing!!

Mark G said...

Respect! I struggled to clean up my 9 year old son's puke at 2 the other morning: saying that I don't know how you do it.