Sunday, July 05, 2009

How to motivate chickens

U2 were good, just good, obviously their back catalogue is fantastic so almost anything they play has instant resonation therefore causing you to get into it, but to me they looked a little bit rusty and it almost felt like a rehearsal. The revolving drum kit was the only way Larry could stay in touch with the whole crowd but occasionally this meant he was out of touch with Bono and this lead to one or two moments where the band seemed disconnected. I wonder whether they work better with an English speaking audience?

We where very close to the front and the atmosphere was fantastic the nou camp was full, Snow Patrol were brilliant, tight, energetic and a great opening band, for Tracy and I it felt like a double header.

I am also now the proud owner of a lovely Freelander, getting up our hill has never been easier. The car is fantastic. I had no problems meeting Jude and Owen in Barcelona, we had a lovely evening meal together and then on the Thursday I spent the entire day on the Barcelona Ibiza ferry, a little boring, but worth it just to get the car over.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to getting the car over and also to all you lovely people who offered to drive over for me.

Got a busy week ahead, need to harvest all our potatoes and onions, plus the pear tree needs de-pearing. We will give the pears out in centre this week. Our grapes are looking good but they are not ready yet, got to get more water on them. It's a definite farm week this week. On top of the harvesting got to make a gate, sort out a way of killing the rats in the hay barn and stopping the sparrows from getting in to the chicken coup to steal all the food. I am thinking about shooting them, but ricochets around a barn could be deadly. We are also trying to work out a way to discover which chickens aren't laying when we discover who the slackers are, they are going in the pot!

In all honesty I think killing one would incentivize the rest to get back up to speed, there is nothing like the death of a team mate for laziness to motivate you to work that little bit harder.

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lisa said...

Your farm life is a bit like ours except you have access to U2 concerts. We've been thinning out the rabbits in our pens, (nice in the stew, and still some waiting in the freezer) and harvesting beans. Today Trevor is helping to thresh the beans by driving over them in the Land Rover. Byron is crazy busy preparing to take a team into "the bush" for several day so he has to have all their food, water, shelter and bedding put together and packed.

Thoughts on layers.. Are some of the hens laying eggs in a place you don't know about? Are they getting good enough food? Are they old enough to be producing daily?

And there ends my knowledge of layers.

Love from Africa.