Monday, July 06, 2009

Dirty Dancing

Just watching "Dirty Dancing" with Tracy and the rest of the team. It's scary how a film ages although all the girls still like it, I'm not a big fan of chick flicks, any way how did baby change from shy girl to hot little temptress over night.

I still like the "I've had the time of my life song", you can tell I'm bored I'm blogging whilst everyone else is watching. There's a great car in the film. Baby is quite attractive but her hair is to fizzy.

The most disturbing thing about this little viewing is Bruce knows all the words.. there are aspects of his character I am starting to question

Chick flicks that I hate:

1. Dirty Dancing (frizzy hair and tight high riding trousers)
2. Mama mia (Abba)
3. 50 first dates (Repetitive)
4. Maid in Manhattan (Jennifer Lopez)
5. When Harry met Sally (Meg Ryan)
6. Footloose (early american coca cola advert)
7. Sleepless in seattle (Meg Ryan)
8. Bride wars (wedding movies)
9. Legally Blonde (to pink)
10. Pretty Woman (Richard Gere he was better in American Gigilo)
11. Titanic (The boat sinks)

I'm sure there are more help me please????


Anonymous said...

Sad thing is that I recognise and have seen 10 out of the 11
Coyote Ugly
She's all that
Hot Chick
27 Dresses

my excuse is three daughters

Anonymous said...

Brian you have watched more chick flicks than I have!!!