Sunday, September 27, 2009

24-7 communities

Flying out tonight, thunder and lightning going on so it should be a bumpy one!!!!

We are leaving our boys with Bruce and Helen for 3 days whilst we go to a 24-7 prayer communities gathering in the UK, it's going to be busy but fun. A great chance to catch up with loads of friends at once.

Tracy has only ever been to one 24-7prayer gathering and that was called "I am 5" when we were commissioned to go plant a community in Ibiza. So 4.5 years later she is looking forward to another one.

Just chatting with my son and he asked me "what do you reckon is your best ever post?" I don't really know, if you've got the time I would value your input on this one...

I probably won't blog again until Thursday night.

So please tell me, what do you enjoy the most? what should I do more? what should I do less?.

I am off to pack and get ready to take off in a thunder storm........


Diane said...

I love it when you are just so open and honest and share your heart, frustrations and all.

Will miss not hearing you at Amsterdam. Loved the things you said in Southampton last year

Mark from Guernsey said...

Your blog is an open and honest journey that is what you do best. There have been some great ones along the way, but it is all of them together that make the whole.

I often feel very isolated living in another island, and so often I read you blog and in the words of CS Lewis: "I read to know I am not alone".

Just recently when talking about the church being a place of safety (sanctaury) was an example. I think that one of the things Jesus did was made people feel safe.

Thanks Brian, I really appreciate your blog and i still have your reminder from Southampton to love the lost ringing in my soul.

Rossi from Bulgaria said...

Hey Brian. Just keep blogging the way you have blogged so far. We love all of it and as Mark says it's the whole, and not so much particular bits of it. Keep telling us everything YOU feel you need to share.