Monday, October 05, 2009

Grace Slap

Where does grace end? and when does someone just need a slap?

Just had a guy come into the centre and asked to use the phone, I said "Yes as long as its to a UK landline" he said fine he just needed to phone his mum to get some funds transferred to get his flight sorted.

He sits right next to me and by the nature of his conversation I can tell he's phoning a UK mobile, which costs us a fair bit of money. I'm not even cross about the money it costs us. In fact weirdly I have just had to stop typing because a friend from Hush a local bar came in and made a donation which will more than cover the call.

It's more the being lied to, I know we all probably get lied to a lot, I just hate it when it's someone taking advantage. This guy was basically ripping me off.

I challenged him, he looked afronted then just got up and walked out!!! If I am honest I could have got up and slapped him, but I am glad I didn't. What Would Jesus Do?

Anyway I'm calming down, even as I write this... probably tiredness leads to low grace levels. He didn't deserve a slap he's just a blagger, bless him.


Diane said...

Wonder though it at times Jesus did hand out the equivalent to a slap at times? Shame we cant hear his tone of voice in some of the things we read

Julie said...

That was great. I love the honesty. There are times when I'm sure I've needed a slap, and there are times when I've sure wanted to give one.