Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fined for helping

Just received notification from the local council that they will be fining me 6000 euros for an alleged illegal taxi incident that happened in July.

I wrote this on July 14th:

"In the midst of this crazy fantastic week, we dropped a guy of at 5 this morning and I then got stopped by the police and accused of being an illegal taxi!!! It was a bit strange the guy we dropped off was so drunk and covered in vomit the police asked him if he had taken payment and he said yes, he probably didn't want to get in trouble but it caused me a load of problems, you get a 3000 euro fine and car confiscated! for a few minutes i thought i was going to get properly arrested especially when he phoned for back up., anyway, as if i would run an illegal taxi with a logo on the side and 3 girls in it with a bucket and be able to hand the guy a business card and all the rest.....It took a bit of their time and my time but I think they believed me in the end. They let me go said they would talk to their superiors but told me I could keep doing what i was doing..."

I can't believe it, it's going to cost me just to get this sorted!!! There is no way it was illegal taxi'ing.

Thats just about tipped it over for me, I've had enough of this place and it's crap administration. I can't even read the document it's in catalan, but thats my fault not theirs. It's not in the name of 24-7 ibiza its in my name which is good for the organization but pants for me.

I don't even know where to start to get this sorted, I am tired and now I am totally stressed


shallowfrozenwater said...

take heart. you're doing good work and there are people out here reading and saying random prayers for you.
i don't know what this will mean for you but i do know that God is faithful. be faithful back.

Linda-Joy said...

talk to lawyer friends - they can put some light on the situation or someone who is calm and knows about these things...that;s what I have done in tricky situations

Tanya Heasley said...

Proverbs 3-5
I'm calling out to God with you and for you Brian.