Monday, September 21, 2009

Ibiza Highlights

All our teams have now left, which is sad but also good. 7 teams over 14 weeks who put their heart and soul into all they do.

Prayers have been prayed with hundreds of people, it still amazes me that a generation who don't go to church still love to pray. I am constantly bewildered at how our prayer request forms work, it's not a formula but the idea that you put date and name and then fill in a little box seems to work. Most people want prayer for family, future, health, relationships and not so surprisingly the remembrance of the dead.

One of the other things that we do is listen! People want to be heard and we often find they share stuff with us that they haven't shared with other people. We have so many stories of deep stuff people have shared with us none of which would be appropriate to write here.

Of course we also rescue vulnerable people, this has continued to happen a lot, we enjoy helping although if we have an evening where we don't have to take anyone home we are very happy. We need to remind ourselves that the majority of people who come here may have a bit to drink but most don't end up in a complete state.

We still have another week out on the street and the centre will remain open until the end of October, so we haven't finished yet.

I am in favour of missions teams, I know some organisations that treat them like a bit of a pain, but honestly they enhance what we do here. They enable us to operate with greater effectiveness. They give us the opportunity to inspire and encourage them, but in reality they inspire and encourage us more.

Got a really busy day today so will write some more highlights throughout the week.

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Hey Brian! Been trying to reach out to you guys via there a better way for me to reach you?