Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Organic church

It's been a pretty busy couple of weeks and I don't mind admitting that the end is the hardest for us. The boys go back to school so your body clock gets even more shot to bits than usual.

I've changed my links on the side basically kept all the same links just wanted it to look different and also got a little fed up of clicking on links and reading the same story that was there the previous week! So now you get what's fresh and new at the top.

I've deleted a few, basically used a 6 month rule, if it hadn't been updated in 6 months it got deleted.

Thinking about a new design completely but realise that it would take a bit of work and don't really like any of the ready made templates.

We've got about 2 more weeks on the street and then Tracy and I are attending a 24-7prayer communities gathering in England, we have a guy coming for a day called Neil Cole. He wrote a book called "Organic Church" which I really enjoyed.

Some good quotes from his book:

the great commission says that we are to ‘go into all the world’, but we’ve turned the whole thing around and made it ‘come to us and hear our message’. we expect people to come to church in order to come to Christ, and the people of the world want nothing to do with church.

…instead of bringing people to church so that we can then bring them to Christ, let’s bring Christ to people where they live.

…we must take Christ into people’s lives, and it must be in the context of relationships. …the heart of our message is that God didnt’ expect us to come to him in heaven. he came to us.

My personal favourite for obvious reasons!

we should take the light and jam it right down the throat of darkness. …our greatest significance is found in the darkness, not in the light.

You can check Neil Cole out here at Cole-slaw

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Mark (from Guernsey) said...

Spot on! Been in two different contexts recently where people were arguing about the music not being right so they could not worship!?!? Did Jesus really only come to set up services that only the in-minority can feel comfortable in? & Singing = worship?

I appreciate how tough it is for you over there, but i see you as agents of the future: prayer and action in the uncomfortable places where people are living out their broken lives.

Amen to you - and organic church.