Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Tonight was messy! We are on our 6th team and these guys have been great.

Our evening started by approaching a guy slumped in a chair out side a restaurant and offering to help him and his friend home. They refused.

Some of the team went back a little later and this time they agreed to be helped. When they went to get the guy up they realised he had pooed himself, it was all over the chair. We got him in our wheel chair and then down to the van and took him home. In all honesty it was the worst smell I have ever smelt in the van. The poor guy was absolutely messed up. The van is still smelly now and I am of to have a shower.

It disturbed me. Which is good, we must never become so hard to this stuff that it doesn't affect our emotions.

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martin scott said...

A very challenging blog - felt like i could smell what you smelt way over here...
as well as the practical stuff of being servants at that level was very impressed that you are also clearing up the mess that another culture is imposing. that being one of the roots of conflict & war across europe.