Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Team 7, our final team of the summer are here. Thats over 50 people who have come out this year for two weeks, given their time and money to be here looking after drunks, praying, dancing and generally serving in all we do. It humbles me.

Once again team 7 are a great bunch and were instantly thrown into the messiness last night, it doesn't have to be busy for it to be messy. We did a lot of taking home last night thankfully no more pooh, just a bit of vomit which weirdly I think is a better smell than pooh, but thats a personal preference.

A few things spring to mind at this time of the year one question is "are we really making a difference?" you can on occasion feel like you are swimming against the tide and that what you do here just scratches the surface but what we do matters to the people we do it to. We can't help everyone but the people we do help are grateful. I do on occasion hear the line "you should just leave them, they have done it to themselves" and I can, to a degree, understand these sentiments. Yet I do have this overriding feeling that in the words of John Farnham "we are all someone's daughter, we are all someone's son" even if people to get it wrong and slip up they deserve a little bit of love and help.

The other thing that I am really glad about is that I get to do all this with my wife, I enjoy working with my wife. Occasionally it can mean that work dominates our conversation, but this to me has been one of the greatest things about living in Ibiza, working with my wife. We've just had a great weekend together hope you like the pic.

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Tanya Heasley said...

I love the picture and I love you guys and I think you're making a huge difference!

God bless you both!