Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The fine


The british consulate appear unable to help me get out of my illegal taxi driver fine. It's not their fault.

I must admit I got home yesterday and for the first time in years I had a moment of thinking "I have had enough of this place, I'm out of here"

Can't seem to get this fine thing sorted got to go talk to solicitors tomorrow, don't know what to do. Please no answers from people who live in a country that has a sane legal system.

The pain is that if I don't pay the fine they can kick me out of the country for 5 years! Obviously I'm not going to pay it because it unjust.

Hopefully i will get this sorted soon then I can clear my head and get into some normal blogging.

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Rossi from Bulgaria said...

Couldn't you call some journalist who covers insane legal cases in some TV broadcast and tell them your story... After all, there's only one lying witness against you and there will probably be many more who will tell the truth.

We have at least one such TV broadcast that raises public awareness of insane cases (and believe me, in Bulgaria we have plenty of them) and they sometimes do a good job and help people done bad.