Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Pants, I dropped my lap top!! it's dented in the corner and won't charge properly.

It got me thinking about anger, something I am looking into on a personal level. What makes us angry? why do we explode? sometimes it can be something innocuous that causes us to get angry at other timer times it can be something we feel totally justified at getting angry about.

I guess we have our own levels for justifying anger. We also have our own internal and external brakes that stop us from getting angry or going to far with our anger.

I have been reading about inhibitions, not in the negative sense, but the need to inhibit our anger and respond in the correct way. For me if I am tired, hungry or under pressure my anger is less inhibited. So physical state affects my mental outlook, after all we are a whole system.

People will say stuff like "you need to go to your happy place" for me my anger is to instant to find a happy place. I can be quite snappy and abrupt, others let it build and internalize their anger, sometimes it comes out other times it just eats away under the surface, generally leading to unhappiness.

I'm trying to get better in this area of my life, so I'm doing what I need to adjust. For me it's a number of things; keeping hydrated, eating well, sleeping well, exercising, reading books (I like to understand things) and of course prayer.

There are 4 levels of learning for me:
1: Incompetence
( you are not aware you have an issue)
2. Knowledgeable incompetence
(You become aware that you have an issue)
3. Knowledgeable competence
(You make a conscious effort to address the issue)
4. Competence
(You have trained yourself to deal with the issue and the control of it becomes a built in response that you don't have to think about)

I am somewhere between 2 and 3, slowly addressing the issue and making every effort to become a more tranquil person. Yes I am still a little angry about my dented lap top that is not functioning properly, but it's no ones fault so i need to take a chill pill.

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