Wednesday, February 03, 2010


We have such a lot of preparation for the summer to get through that it's keeping us pretty busy. We really want to go to another level of organisation and effectiveness this year.

One of the things is the 24-7 Ibiza Bible, someone has donated £2000 to kick the project off, but that still leaves me £8000 to raise. This will get us 5000 bibles, with our own cover blurb and design. I am going to sell half of them, with the strap line of every one you buy we will give another one away for free.

I like the idea of putting Bibles directly into peoples hands. It cuts out the middle man, the person who has to explain it, it allows people direct contact with truth. The word can speak for itself.

This of course won't be an impersonal random hand out, this will be in an area that we will have spent 6 summers in, this is us giving out bibles to people we know and people who know us. It should be fun.

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Alana said...

Can you "pre-sell" some of the Bibles? That would get you the money upfront (when you need it).