Tuesday, February 02, 2010


One of the things I love about Ibiza is the great coffee you get. I am not a coffee snob, I will have instant coffee first thing in the morning, but when I am out and about I enjoy a cortado or a cafe solo. A cafe solo is basically and expresso and a cortado is an expresso with added warm milk.

I remember once doing an interview with a christian magazine, they asked me, what sustained me? and foolishly I replied "Red Bull" I think they were looking for something a little more spiritual!

I wonder if we all need a little stimulation from time to time, more of the Holy Spirit for instance. Has anyone else ever wondered how that really works? "More Lord" has often been the cry of the western church what do we mean by that? Have we not got enough already? Are we using what we have? (thats of course if you treat the Holy Spirit like some form of coffee!) "More Lord" for what? So we can feel better? Feel closer to God? what's the "More" all about if we don't use it?

Sometimes I want to shout "Closer Lord" I don't want more of God I want to feel closer to God who already dwells in me! Does that make sense?

"More Lord' sounds greedy.....

I'm off for a coffee, you should check out this great little article at On Coffee it made me laugh.

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