Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This piece of wood has been weathered by the wind and the rain, just like this tree has been bent and shaped over the years. It's a good little picture of life. We get shaped by it!!!!

How much of our lives do we actually change? and how much is it us just becoming more of who we truly are?

A friend and supporter of our work here in Ibiza has recently felt called to move to Iceland, he's allowing life to shape and change him. It's fantastic thing to see, so here's another new blog! Let me introduce to Simon Turner pioneer and adventurer, king of a man.

I read this in a book by a guy called David Adam called “A Desert in the ocean”:

“Life is meant to be an adventure. When we cease to reach out and stretch ourselves something in us dies or we feel frustrated; for life to be lived to the full it has to be adventurous. I believe that God calls us to adventure, to extend ourselves, and to seek new horizons. Our God is the God who makes all things new and he wants us to walk in newness of life. A relationship with God will extend our vision, our sensitivity and indeed our whole life. Whenever life gets static or dull God calls us out to risk and be renewed”

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Tanya Heasley said...

In the past four years since becoming a Christian I have changed so much that I remember very little about the person I was before.

Last weekend an old friend of mine told me how different I was. The thing that she noticed the most was how peaceful and calm I was. She's not a Christian and likes to 'sit on the fence', (her own words), but she acknowledges the change in me 'has come from Jesus and not with age', (again her own words).

It was a great risk giving my life to Jesus, but what I've learned since, it was a greater risk not to have.