Monday, February 15, 2010

A Grey Day

Went for a walk with the family yesterday, we had an uber chilled day, with absolutely nothing to do and no one to see. I like days like that, we don't get as many of them as I would like. It was a grey day. We walked up to an ancient watch tower and back.

This is always slightly nerve wracking with two sons who insist on going close to the edge. I can be a bit of a nervous dad at moments like this. Although it was well worth the walk as the scenery was great.

The watch towers were built between the 16th and 18th centuries, they were to provide warning of attacks on the island by corsairs (pirates). A fire would be lit on top and people would flee into the heavily fortified churches that you can find in Ibiza. At one time the whole island was covered with these watch towers, so that when a fire was lit the warning could be passed right around the island. A bit Lord of the rings like!

I would to love to live in one of these! if it had electricity, hot running water, heating, insulation, good road access and decent broadband internet!

Heres a blog you should check out "Caught up in something bigger" Charl is a wonderful lady working in Reading running a cafe in a rough council estate, her thoughts and life are very interesting, she's one of my heroes.

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