Monday, April 19, 2010


Been trying some different shutter speeds, I like these snaps. Although I need to get a tripod as I nearly dropped my camera in the sea! It's a bit weird here at the moment with the whole suspended flights thing, it's amazing isn't it.

Heard one or two people saying that God would sort their flights out and that He was bigger than an ash cloud! but He didn't sort the flights out? Kind of reminds me of Pete Greigs book "God on Mute" where he talks about praying for a petrol station because you are low on fuel. What do you expect God to do drop a BP garage out of the sky just for you? Actually Pete is stranded in Chicago!!!

Then there those of us who pray for sunny days, when more often than not there is a farmer somewhere praying for rain! I do this.

I have even prayed for a parking space, sometimes it works! but I think that is more related to coincidence than God, isn't it?

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