Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why I don't like lap dancing bars

I was talking to a lap dancer last year and she said "everytime I do a dance I feel like I give a little bit of myself away" she wasn't happy with this. I do know some lap dancers who can totally disassociate from the process and just treat it as a job which they get paid very well for. I'm not really here to pass judgement on the girls who do it.

I have only ever met one dodgy lap dancer and she was quite an old russian lady who was trying to upload her homemade porn movies at our centre last year and got quite angry with me when I said it wouldn't be possible!

What bugs me is the men! and also the whole degradation of females as objects of lust. When some is treated as something other than a human being, a creation of God, it is very sad. I don't like the fact that the whole lap dancing thing is becoming more and more legitimate. It's lust and the self.

Lust and Sin are two of the bars in the westend, the really weird thing is that everybody who works there is so lovely, so it's not the people I don't like, just the concept.

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