Tuesday, May 11, 2010


One very long conversation with a guy tonight that resulted in us praying with him, but politely refusing to drink the sambucca. This happens a lot he stopped us and asked to talk, regardless of what people may think we do very little forcing ourselves or opinions upon people, if asked we will give and honest answer but always trying to do so in a way that doesn't seem judgmental or religious, because we are not judgmental or religious! We were able to pray with the guy which was lovely.

I had a quick chat with some other guys whose friend was in a bit of bother, hopefully he'll be fine.

Then a girl who was drunk and puking taken home to her hotel with her two very helpful friends. No one sets out to get puking up drunk at the beginning of an evening, it creeps up on people. Still messy smelly and not very nice way to finish up. Although she is sorted now.

It felt good to be properly back.

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