Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two New Ibiza Blogs

Let me introduce you to Claire Ison and Neil Waters who along with Christine Scott have both joined our community for 6 months this summer. They have both decided to blog their adventures, so please feel free to follow them as they come on a manic journey with us this summer.

Neil wrote this today about his little adventure last night: "Last night i experienced my first messy situation of the summer. Myself and Tracy - who lives and works out here year round for 24-7 ibiza - helped take a really drunk girl and her friend back to their hotel. She had been drinking heavily and was petty much unconcious, seni-naked and alone on the street when we received a call from one of our friends who is a pr for a bar. Thankfully we were able to help her and her friend back to their hotel with the use of our 24-7 wheel chair which was well and truly christened.

I am glad that we were there to help her home safely. Im glad im in a position to be able to help those who get into a vulnerable state. I am glad that jesus christ first loved me which is what fuels my passion for this work. I am glad i have a washing machine to wash the chunks and bile from my 24-7 ibiza hoody!!!"

Claire wrote this about dancers at a club the team went to on Friday, I think it's a lovely piece of writing " Every half hour/hour the dancers change, being here in Ibiza you get used to (not sure its a good thing) to seeing scantily clad women grinding on a small stage for the amusement of the male clientele, but last night something i've never either seen or noticed before happened, the male equivaliant dancer ( like an olied up spanish chipendale) climbed the ladders to get to the podium and thereafter arose a huge cheer from all the ladies on the floor. It was like a cry of yes from the women, quickly follwed by the women's camera being pulled out to take snaps to remeber the moment....

I just dont understand it, to me podium dancers, makes everyone in the clubs feel bad. When the ladies come on, all the women in the place see what the world says a women should be and lets face it, not many of us look like that, even the girls up there are a vision of an extreme made up person...and its the same for men... going by fri nights performance the world values and applaudes would men who are olied up bulky men, which just aint true..

I am so glad that God has given me the freedom from all the rubbish, no more listening to what the world would put on me.. i am so happy that i know who i am from God, not from how skiiny my waist is, believe me, out here that is a big plus, where there's alot of that thinking around...Now just have to announce that freedom to the clubs. wheres that ladder, give me that podium... that would be a dance worth watching ...

Pop by to their blogs and leave a supportive comment if you get the time.

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