Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Church is the meeting

Busy manic time, married to a little bit of writers block has led to a little slow down on my behalf.....

The last few weeks we have been putting on a little service on a Sunday night. The team have all been working hard at not calling the service church, probably a little on my insistence that for years we have said "church is not the building" but I do think that we have subliminally said "church is the meeting". This can be so easily spotted in statements like "I am going to church" or "How was church this morning" anyway just a thought.

Our little service took on an extra dimension this week when 4 of the prostitutes we work with turned up, I found it deeply moving. It also made me think that I don't really care anymore what you call your service, christians get more hung up on names and stuff than normal people. As long as prostitutes etc keep showing up thats what makes a difference, it's more about who attends than what you call it.

5.15 am I should go to bed.

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Diane said...

Wow Brian that is so brilliant. Well done to you all for all that you're doing
And yes think we can get too hung up on words and that gets us into trouble. But do wonder too about the whole thing of what we really mean by the word "church". But in truth God will just use us and our hearts no matter what name we give it.
Again many blessings and so great that you are seeing things materialise so early in the season