Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Bibles have arrived

5000 Jesus loves Ibiza bibles have been printed and are good to go!!!

I need to sell half these bibles in order that we can give the other half away for free.

£5.00 per bible, you get one and we give one away. Due to postage and shizzle like that we can only sell minimum batches of 20. For £100 plus £10 post and package you get 20 cool bibles plus the warm cozy glow of knowing that another 20 have been given away on the streets of Ibiza.

Weird seeing our logo next to the navpress logo, it makes us feel all grown up.


Tina said...

this is awesome! your work is very inspirational!

Dan said...

Hey Brian!

Would like to give money towards some Bibles, do we go through the 'donate' button?

Feel just so excited about this season for you all,

Big prayers


Brian said...

dan drop me a line at brian at 24-7ibiza dot com it might be easier to do a bank transfer

Tanya Heasley said...

I bought two from Sally and gave one to my sister 'cause she is always reading her bible at work and her collegues are always talking to her about it.

She thinks the covers are great and the likes that it's the message version.

I can't wait for what conversational opportunities God will open up now for her at work.