Monday, June 21, 2010

Gospel Tracts

I remember when I was a child living in Belfast, people used to give out gospel tracts. These where little leaflets that explained how to become a christian. Sometimes with a pithy story or a simple illustration to make you aware of your need for God. I have often contemplated using such things here in Ibiza. However good and affective they may be it's not something I want to do anymore. I think in certain contexts they work well, so please don't misunderstand me I am not against them.

We gave out 100 bibles last week. Our biggest thinking on giving out the bibles means that it cuts out the middle man, the "expert" in the middle who explains what it all means, interprets it for you and tells you how to apply it. The bible itself is a better place of first contact, people get to read it themselves and we have to trust that the words they read are living and and active and cut through everything else and make a lasting impact.

What's weird for me is that packaging appears to be important. I don't mind this but just find it interesting. Maybe I should start an international design and bibles distribution ministry? Oh sorry the Gideons already do that. We could do more specific projects. How about "Jesus loves Firemen", "God Bless Essex" or "Jesus loves Belfast" bibles, the list is endless, if we were design specific we could do so much.

We had another Sunday service last night this time we had 6 prostitutes and a number of other people it was very good. Although I guess as a team we are struggling as to how to make small talk with the prostitutes, so often we talk with people about their work!! these girls don't really want to talk about their work or how there week has been. We've just got to work harder at how we engage. I am amazed at how many of these girls have children!

We are going to offer them foot and hand massages, which will be a lovely way of giving them some love.

Hope you like the snap, it's how I feel right now, like we have set out into the sea and are just finding our way with all of this.

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