Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ireland adventure

I have just had a great few days in Ireland, there is so much going on there and it was lovely to hang out with old friends and make some new ones.

The funniest thing I had to do was take a seminar on prayer spaces in schools, just funny because it's not something I know lots about. Tash who is part of our 24-7 Ireland team did a great job and I just added some theological padding......

We were hosting a prayer space at a huge gathering called Summer Madness, it was so well done and Summer madness is a truly amazing gathering. Loads of fantastic speakers and great worship leaders. I was also impressed by Rachel and the guys from Romance Academy and organisation helping young people find their true identity.

I heard a really great band called The Rend Collective, I think they have the potential and the humility to become a very popular band. They also had a guy called Ben Cantelon he is like a young Matt Redman pretty boy clone. I am sure he is a lovely chap, but it all sounds much of a muchness to me.

It was great to hang out with friends from Emmanuel church Lurgan, catch up with Aidy, hang out with Gillian Best and Helen and then finish up with friends in Newtonards. Generally I ate too much but felt like I had connected with loads of people, which is all good.

I also stayed in Belfast Bible College where both my parents went in the 70's, which was cool I found their class photos on the wall.


Anonymous said...

you didn't mention my name!! I feel out of the ring!! Glad you got back safely dude and was great to catch up with you...see you in a few weeks!!

Brian said...

Alain, you are Lurgan....