Thursday, July 08, 2010

Drugs are for mugs and mugs are for coffee...

What a great saying, we walked a guy home tonight from Dublin, well not actually from Dublin just from the westend to his hotel and that was his little saying.

Team 2 are here and it is going great guns, the bibles are flying out of our hands and people are not only taking them because they are trendy but also to read, which is reassuring. I will get the team to write some stories and publish them soon.

It was a crazy fun night, good vibes in the air after Spain beat Germany to qualify for the world cup final. I so want them to win. We must have walked about 10 people home. We bandaged and literally washed bloody feet in the west end. One guy prayed with two of our team members by kneeling down in the street. We took a girl to hospital with her ever so sweet friends who really just wanted her to be ok. Dropped some other guys of who also were helping there drunk friend home.

Most evenings we pray that people would look out for each other and this definitely happened tonight.

It's 5 in the morning I am sitting outside in my back garden as i type this, the birds are starting to sing and a new dawn beckons. I want to see a new dawn beckon for this generation. A dawn of hope, a dawn of helpfulness, a dawn of selflessness, I get glimmers and whispers of a new dawn for this generation I occasionally hear the birds heralding this new dawn, I want it to grow to a crescendo a loud bright transformation of a generation.

Shine on you crazy diamonds

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