Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Back from hols out on the streets tonight with team 5, which was loads of fun. It's been very quiet this week but we like that as it means we have many more opportunities to pray with people and talk with people.

We met a girl who was waiting for a guy but he stood her up or maybe he was just late.

Listen if your man and you're meeting a girl there are only two things you can be, early or on time. Late doesn't work.

There is no such thing as fashionably late, you're late, it's rude, end of story.

Lateness is a bug bear of mine, if you are unavoidably late you need to send a text or make a quick phone call to let someone know.

When someone is late without explanation it feels like they are saying "my time is worth more than your time"

There are two different types of meta programmes that people run. One is "through time" this means you are always thinking about what is next, planning ahead and don't really feel at ease until you have a plan and a schedule, the other type is "in time" you get caught in the moment, you are very present, you don't think about what is next. Both are ok and contribute nicely to each other. But neither should allow for lateness, especially the second one. Although it is normally in time people who are late!

Don't be late it's not good.

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Tanya Heasley said...

Oh Brian, I totally agree. It IS rude when people are late, especially without a valid explanation. It really bugs me too.

I know I'm a through time person and expect everyone to be like me. Fortunatly we are all different and God has sent certain 'in time' people to teach me patience, which I find challenging and annoying at times, but I know it helps me grow.