Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So far this summer we have taken over 200 people home in our vomit van, if you include the friends who accompany the distressed and semi conscious it's over 400. This doesn't include all the walk homes we do.

Anyway here is some feedback that people have left this year on our 24-7ibiza site:

"Just want to say thank you to 24-7 who brought my daughter back to our hotel on 19 August. She went out with a friend, and was found by 24-7 outside a club not being able stand, we think her drink may have been spiked as they both had the same to drink and her friend was fine. I am really grateful for your help that night, as the thought of what could have happened to her is really frightening. Thank you so much. x"

"hi after a bit of research i think you were there guys that helped me in ibiza last friday night the 20th of august me and my friend both found ourself in abit of a bad state possible spiked and i remember two very nice girls getting us in a bus and taking us to our hotel thankyou very much,,, ps where do you get your money to fund this organisation,, hope i can help. all the best and thanks again"

"Hi, 24-7 helped me on the 5th of August when I was spiked. 24-7 were called & if it wasn’t for yous I don’t know what would have happened to me as I was only with one of my friends & couldnt stand by myself & was being constantly sick. 24-7 brought me back to my hotel & made sure everything was alright. Thankyou so much for all your help & i appreciate everything yous did for me."

"During my first night away with friends I collasped suddenly. The situation was extremely upsetting for my friends as I came in and out of consciousness. 24-7 were called and helped my friends and I back to our hotel and didn’t leave until they felt I was ok. For this I am truely thankful for helping me in a not so nice situation. If it wasn’t for the 2 helpers at 24-7 (Bruce and Jude I believe) things could of been alot worse. Thank you again 24-7"

"Hi 24-7
While on holiday there in June 10 I met one of your helpers Anna. She was very nice and tol me about your organisation. A few days later I was sittingin the Irish bar and a few girls started fighting. I broke the fight up but one of the girls was very badly drunk and battered. I remembered Anna from a few night ago and got my wife to bring her to your center just around the corner. She went with the guy in the center to bring her to her hotel as she was unable to go anywhere in her condition. I would like to thank you for the service you gave."

We don't do it for the thanks but we do really appreciate it when people get in touch and encourage us.

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