Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where prayer takes you

It's 4.30 just got in from 5 great hours out on the street. Well I say out on the street but you have to remember that we spend as much time in the prayer room as we do on the street. Thats what makes the street work so affective.

A little run down: We go out after 30 minutes of prayer and instantly sit and talk to 3 Irish guys one has taken 10 pills, whilst chatting we get a call from a bar where a couple have just got in a fight, we go to the bar, calm the situation down and take the girl back to her hotel whilst her boyfriend walks home to calm down, Clare prays with her in the back of the van.

On our way back we stop to pick up a girl and her boyfriend who two of our team members have been sitting with, the girls is totally drunk but her boyfriend isn't, we drive them back to their hotel. Whilst driving them back we notice another girl vomiting outside a bar so we fun two more of our team to go and see her, we then turn a corner and notice a guy asleep in the centre reservation of a road we phone two more team members to go and make him safe.

Drop vomit girl number one and boyfriend off, go back for vomiting girl number two who is with her sister we drop them back at her hotel, she vomits outside all over one of our team members shoes, our team member gags but bravely gets on with it.

The guys we sent to look after the guy in the centre reservation get him to safety and sit with him for 2 hours whilst he remembers his hotel.

As we park the van up from dropping of vomit girl number two we get a phone call from the girl who had a fight with her boyfriend saying he was getting angry again, we quickly phone the prayer room and get our guys to pray whilst we drive back round the bay to make sure the girl is ok. We arrive at the hotel and she phones to say they have both calmed down and everything is ok. God heard our prayers.

We drive back to town get a phone call from a bar, a guy has fallen asleep out the back we wake him up and walk him to our van and then drive him home, he's a nice guy, just drunk.

We then get back to the prayer room where the rest of the team have had opportunities to pray with people for healing, to read bibles with people, to listen to peoples stories. One of our girls prayed with a drug dealer.... We take someone else home and more prayers and conversations are had then we come home.

This is not an unusual night... this is where prayer takes you.

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