Thursday, September 23, 2010

I am 24-7 Prayer

After all is said and done we are 24-7 Prayer. 24-7 Prayer in Ibiza. Prayer is what drives us, what changes us, what keeps us motivated and what makes the difference to all we do.

Years ago I occasionally talked about 24-7 prayer as "they" I haven't done that for years it's always "we".

You find that if you are not happy with something, someone or some organisation you start to refer to it differently. I was never unhappy with 24-7 prayer just frustrated and even to this day I still get frustrated with "it". Although I find the frustration easier to deal with if I remember it's a "we" not an "it". The moment you stop using any belonging words is the moment you cross over into unhealthy criticism and negative thinking. Possessive pro-nouns are the best way to speak about the community or movement you belong to.

"They" is used a lot as people retreat from organisations and communities "they don't understand me" "They haven't thought this through" "they always do this" "they don't offer me the support I need" this is the language of dis-engagement.

When we refer to our church, our organisation, our cell group, even our family if we use the language of belonging we will view it differently, accept more responsibility for what is happening and treat the community we are part of with love.

Anyway "I am Spartacus"

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