Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I love this photo, I took it this morning whilst walking the dog. I reminds of the inter connectedness between people, we are all linked in some way shape or form. My actions have an affect on someone else's life!

As we start to get quiet my mind is turning towards a number of things, one is writing a book about our stumbling journey out here in Ibiza, the other is to develop how we work with prostitutes. I know they are not related, but these are what we feel called to right now.

We pray for leading and direction, that God would pull our strings and guide us through these next few months.


lisa said...

I always like your photos. And I like the way we all seem to be woven together. Great to see you in Edinburgh. Heather appreciated the Boggle :-)

Amy said...

Hi Brian,

loved reading your blog over the summer, sounds like it was a good one! There's an NGO in Dublin that I'm looking to get involved with that works with women affected by prostitution. They've been up and running for about 20 years, and started with street work much like you guys. Thought might be of interest to you, who knows may give you some inspiration, the website is if you want a look!

Hope you guys are all well