Friday, September 10, 2010

Leadership let downs

One of the areas in which a lot of leaders fall down is "Over promising and under delivering" I got this Guilianos book on leadership. He found that it was much better to "under promise and over deliver"

Here's how it works this kind of stuff comes all the time from visionary leaders also pastoral leaders. Guys who lead through ideas and inspiration or guys who lead through heart and care. They cast vision you buy into it think you will change the world together then it never gets raised again, or there heart is moved by what you are going through so they promise help and it never comes.

They will use phrases like "we must get together" then never call. The amount of times I have heard "We must get you over to preach sometimes" and then it doesn't happen!

Or "I'll call you" or "we will send you some people" or "I'll come visit" don't worry this isn't coming from a bitter place, I'm using personal examples without gaul. This is also something I am guilty of.

One of the first is when you are promised help with a new initiative then feel abandoned and on your own once you have started it up!

One of the problems is that some leader are always externally processing, thinking out loud! We the listener confuse this with grounded well thought through process and assume that what is being talked about is actually going to happen!!!

All our language is active, people are always listening therefore we should be more careful about what we say and promise.

In the end the over promisers and under deliverers get shown up and people start to lose respect for their leadership. People start to treat everything you say with a pinch of salt and behind your back a lack of trust develops. Which in the end will make it impossible for you to lead.

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