Thursday, September 09, 2010


What is a 90's leadership model? I'm not sure I know...

I do think a lot churches and organisations have developed the model of leadership teams, which is important. Although I am not always sure they are teams.

I remember a wise leader once telling me "You get two types of leadership team, one where the leader gets the vision and the team help him or her outwork it or the the other where the team get the vision and they work it out together"

A type 5 leader is someone who is confident and relaxed in their position and allows a lot of initiatives to develop and grow around them, a type 4 leader needs to have control and a lot of say over direction etc..

Most organisations build type 4 leadership structures. The most frustrating is when a type 4 leadership structure is developed for a type 5 leader!

The problem with a type 4 is when the man goes, the organisation suffers, even dies.

Abraham went to war and did business but first and foremost he was the head of a family. To many christian organisations and churches operate like an army or a business and forget that their primary function is to be a family.

Maybe it's not even the man in charges fault, with king Saul "the people wanted a king so God gave them a king" Maybe the crowd are guilty of laziness or junior leaders are not willing to step up to the mark, so we make the leader the ceo or the commander in chief.

Maybe we allow the world of business to shape how we run christian organisations a little to much. After all we were called not to conform to the patterns of this world! I know we don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water. When it comes to business and war I think we can learn stuff but we must be careful it doesn't overly shape our organisational structure.

I could be accused of being a little over idealistic.

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Darrell said...

I really appreciate the voice that you bring to the revelation that God gives you. I often times laugh my way through your post all the while being convicted of something.

Thanks for this thought and thanks for being you and sharing that as you follow Jesus.

I hope that I am and can be a type 5 leader.