Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Life Transformation Group

This is a pretty hefty phrase "Life transformation Group" we have been doing it hewre in Ibiza for the last year and it has been excellent. We were inspired by Neil Cole of rganic Church fame, and also borrowed the questions from the Kansas city boiler room.

The basic premise is this "do we take being a disciple of Jesus seriously" if the answer is yes then how are we outworking our discipleship?

We know what we should do but do we do it? If I got with one or two other people and regularly got asked a few questions about my own life and spiritual growth would it help me to grow?

What have I got to lose?

A few objections would be:

1. I don't like structure and organized questions it all feels a bit manafactured and not very organic..... well I have got over that realising that in any area of life if you want to grow develop and remain healthy you need to get it together be organised and practice regualr disciplines. Therefore having someone almost check on that every week really helps to incentivise me in my growth.

2. I am a private person and I don't like having to admit my weaknesses, well I need to get over myself and once again realise that if I am to grow I need to live in the light.

Anyway I want to grow I want to be more Christ like therefore I will try hard by doing what ever it takes in order to keep growing.

So over the next week or so I am going to try and explain about life transformations groups and how they work for us here in Ibiza.

Maybe some of the principles will help you.

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