Monday, February 28, 2011

Belfast Child

I am in Northern Ireland  with the family we are having a great time and it has been sunny everyday which is fantastic. We have been doing a little mini conference called "Stumbling Journey" which went really well, I have also had a couple of other talks which has been great. 6 talks in about 36 hours.

We now have 2 days of relaxing and then Tracy and the boys fly home and I stay on for a few meetings with the guys from www.24-7prayer which I help over see. I spoke at a 24- 7 prayer gathering in Lurgan on Saturday night and there were over 120 people there which is fantastic. Some great stories and wonderful stuff happening here, the guys are now moving down to Dublin for a month of prayer, the regional break up of the year of prayer is fantastic, with a celebration story telling event at the end of each month in what ever region they are in.

The theme for the year is "What if?"

I love Ireland, Ireland fills me with optimism and hope. As a nation I think we are very hospitable.

Please pray for Ireland


Brian Draper said...

I missed you by a day. Gutted. And now I've been completely blown away by that news below of Rob, a man I have never met, but whose story - following links to his blog - re-inspires me to live today for all its worth.

God bless your stumbling journey.

Carla said...

6 talks in 36 hours! Wow you must be tired! Hope you have a fantastic time :)