Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daniel Robert Hall

I met Robb Hall in canada a couple of years ago, I can't say I knew him well, but I really loved meeting him and hearing some of his heart and experiencing the gentle manner with which he conducted himself.

I did have a real sense that here was a man, who along with his wife Kate, was called to pioneer, to walk a different trail, to follow a different way.

In fact I gave him a pair of vomit stained shoes that we had found on the streets of Ibiza, to encourage him to step out and go on a messy journey. After I did this I remember him laughing and saying to me "I saw those shoes and thought, please don't give me the shoes!!" but he wasn't reluctant in taking them.

Anyway not because of the shoes or anything like that but Robb and his wife kate decided to sell up and go on pilgrimage. I had a little note from him in May last year saying  "We left in february, feeling like adventure was in the wind." They chose to be blown by the wind.

Even his email spoke of new things, "newpilgrim@" I was impressed that a man would take his wife and 3 children and set off on pilgrimage like that, travelling and seeing where God would have them be.  They sold everything to follow the call of God on their lives. I saw Robb last year in Edinburgh and wished I had spent more time with him, I only really got a chance for a brief chat and to ask him if he could source me some more of his brothers coffee!!!!

Well on Tuesday Robb was working in Africa in Zambia when he had a construction accident and was killed. He leaves a wife and 3 children.

I was shocked and still am, but my heart really goes out to his family and friends who have been devastated by this news. 

Obviously they had sold everything to follow the call of God and his wife and children are now in Africa with the need to come back to canada and also have his body repatriated, please if you could help can you go to this page Daniel Robert Hall and make a donation.

Don't worry if you can't but please if you are the praying type can you pray for Robb's family at this time.

Daniel Robert Hall an inspiration and a challenge to us all, to live beyond ourselves and not be constrained by our culture. 


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Dave Carrol said...

I had very similar experiences with Rob Brian. I didn't know him really well but the times I did have with him were wonderful, encouraging times. It always struck me that that he was a "good" man.

I was sadder about hearing of his death than I am about most.