Friday, February 04, 2011

Too Americanised!!!!

When talking about our bibles recently, I had someone mention that "The Message" version was too Americanised.

Once again this was further evidence to me just how far the church, at times, can disappear up its own bottom.

Too americanised???? Only if you have ever read any other bible, are English, a snob or just used to throwing out pat phrases because thats what others say.

Listen to yourself!!!!!

If you have never read a bible and someone hands you a message version you get the chance to read a great piece of writing which articulates the story of Israel, life of Jesus and birth of the church incredibly well.

Most of the people I gave it to out on the streets were just glad to have something put in their hands that they could understand. In all our interactions we never had anyone say "oh sorry I can't take that it's too americanised!"

Too americanised? Once again Christians being nothing more than christians thinking about how it impacts christians! Whats the matter with the americanisation of culture, we love their movies, their TV series, their bands and then we get comments like that about their bibles!!!!

If you are American and reading this you have to know "I love you"

Why are there so many versions of the bible out there, is there money to made in the bible market?

Maybe we should all buy this bible, click on the link and go purchase one, its $22 bargain and not in the least bit too americanised!!!! :

The American Patriot's Bible: The Word of God and the Shaping of America

THE ONE BIBLE THAT SHOWS HOW 'A LIGHT FROM ABOVE' SHAPED OUR NATION. Never has a version of the Bible targeted the spiritual needs of those who love our country more than The American Patriot's Bible. This extremely unique Bible shows how the history of the United States connects the people and events of the Bible to our lives in a modern world. The story of the United States is wonderfully woven into the teachings of the Bible and includes a beautiful full-color family record section, memorable images from our nation's history and hundreds of enlightening articles which complement the New King James Version Bible text!!!!


Johnny said...


Good post, Brian

Grace & peace


Tanya Heasley said...

I had a Christian friend round this morning who struggles to understand the different versions of the bible. She has decided to stick to the message version and says it's the only one she can relate to and understand.

Does it even matter if something is 'too americanised'? As long as someone understands it, then surely that's all that matters.