Thursday, February 10, 2011


Just had a great couple of days in England planning for 24-7 prayers euro gathering in Frankfurt later this year.

It did make me think how disconnected Europe really is, how the church in the UK doesn't really appear to feel part of Europe. Of course this has something to do with history, xenophobia and too many people reading the daily mail but it is sad to see.

I have a number of negative views on Europe one is the word "unelected" others are central law making, etc

I believe that is ok to be euro sceptic when it comes to political structures and how europe is run.

It is not ok to be euro sceptic when it comes to engaging with and reaching out to the people of europe of which the UK is part. Even the question of the UK being part of europe is on one level irrelevant. Why is it for years we have sent people to Africa, India and other desperately needy countries but ignored europe. The fact is there is a huge mass of people living near each other who could do with hearing the good news about Jesus. I think that if we got groups of say 6 -12 people went for a bit of geographical relocation some missional focus linked with some language learning and maybe we could reach out to the darkest continent in the world.

Is our history holding us back on a subconscious level from truly engaging with the evangelisation of europe?

Maybe we should start a european missionary sending organisation, I am sure that many already exist, but maybe we could start a new one?


Anonymous said...

Great distinction between the politics and engaging with the people. If we (Brits in particular) do not distinguish the two we will be found sadly lacking.

I am convinced that many are being and thousands are yet to be relocated to cities and situations across the continent. It will be interesting to see how they relate together.

Brian said...

Thanks Martin

I do think the politics sometimes hold people back. Especially guys from the UK. I wonder if they will relate or if there would just be an independent movement. I know I mentioned starting a European Missionary Sending Organisation but the whole imperialism, colonialism factor to that would make me nervous. However I do think it could be sensitively and creatively done, as long as we allowed for it to be individual and didn't try to stamp a central model on it. Anyway just thoughts???

Tina said...

this is well interesting brian... i just wrote a chunk of my thesis on how the political system in europe has laid a foundation for doing mission there... i am excited for our conversation. should be an interesting one.