Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Deeper Magic

"Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was written."  what a great line from C.S.Lewis's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe;  reminds me of John 1 "In the beginning was the word the word was with God and the word was God". 

I also like the concept of a deeper magic, as Martin Smith of delirious once sang "I want to go deeper but I don't know how to swim". In fact you don't need to be able to swim if you want to go deeper. Just jump in and sink!

I am drawn to the word "magic" there is an element of mystery to it, the sense of the unexplained. Maybe we don't go deeper because we don't know how to swim exhibits a need for control. I'll go deeper but only if I can be in control of the depth, only if I can see the bottom, only if I can swim.

Giving yourself over to the deeper magic, to the mystical nature of God does not require the ability to swim, but the will to surrender.

I know that it's not such a catchy line for a song " I want to go deeper but I am frightened to let go and drown in God"

I read this by a guy called Richard Mouw 

C.S. Lewis's depth imagery is important for our present-day spiritual quests. Scholarly commentaries on our "postmodern condition" often make much of our fixation on the surfaces of reality. In such a context it is a good thing to be encouraged to go beyond the superficial, exploring not only the Deeper Magic, but also the other below-the-surface forces that drive our lives, even when we do not acknowledge their existence: our Deeper Hopes and our Deeper Fears-those Deeper Yearnings that we ignore only at the expense of our humanness.

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