Monday, May 16, 2011

Be the prayer, the new vomit van

Well here is the new vomit van, the only disturbing thing about it is the slightly effeminate ankle sticking out from under the door!

I love that line in Exodus, where God says to Moses "what have you got in your hand?" when we first started to spot drunks we prayed and I feel that is what God said to us. All we had was our normal cars, so we used them to pick people up.

We noticed the mess and then became the answer to our own prayer. Be careful how you pray.

Then of course someone else became the answer to our prayers by donating money for the first van and then when it broke down someone else stepped up to the mark and donated money that we could keep going. It's funny but they in many ways became the prayer.  I love that the church is so wide and that someone sitting at home in another country can become the prayer and by doing so they buy us a van that enables lives to be saved on the streets. In the last 2 weeks we have already got about 6 people home and we know that this will increase.

One last thought on being the prayer: Don't pray if you don't expect it to change your life, don't pray for your community if you are not willing to be led out of your comfort zone into your community, it can sound harsh but I am convinced that if you take your prayer life seriously you cannot help but become the prayer.

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