Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Poured Out

In 2 Timothy 4 Paul said "for I am already being poured out like a drink offering"

I sometimes wonder if I am really pouring myself out or just dribbling!

Just got in from the streets, it was a quiet night but only in terms of drunken action. We had loads of great conversations and a number of people wanted prayer on the streets.

It takes effort, I'll be honest and say that I felt drained tonight before we went out, I almost pulled a sicky. Sometimes I feel the weight of our 7th summer stretching out before us and feel daunted by it. Knowing what we will see and experience is exciting but also challenging. I want my heart to remain soft but sometimes it's just a tired heart. Don't get me wrong I am excited and do live with anticipation and hope, I am also positive about the summer, you just have these little moments.

We do have to remind ourselves that we will experience opposition and it comes in all shapes and sizes, sometimes it can be lethargy, sometimes self pity, sometimes illness, sometimes hardness. You just have to be on your guard.

I still want to pour myself out.

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