Monday, May 02, 2011

Break Over

That was a nice unplanned break, just spent a bit of time getting my focus sorted for the season ahead so took a little break.

We have just had a prayer team out for 6 days they were excellent and it was a real blessing to have them help us in getting ourselves prepared and geared up for the summer.

Tonight will be our first night out on the street and our centre opens in about 2 hours for the first time this year. Having done this a few times now, we are pretty sure it is going to be a quiet week as all our first weeks normally are. I like the way the seasons builds and you don't just plunge into the madness.

Our team here is taking shape, we already have 5 people who are here for the summer long and will be expecting 2 more in 2 weeks. Our summer long team is wonderfully large. The only slight frustration is that  Poppy who is moving out here for 3 years, has yet to receive her visa!! Hopefully it will arrive soon, if you're the praying kind please pray that this happens quickly.

Another thing that has been happening here for about 6 weeks is our little growing community here on the island made up of Spanish and British guys. We are really trying to develop a long term resident native community here on the island and it's going great. There's about 12 of us so far, but I have the feeling it will grow.

We meet every Sunday night and run a bi-lingual service, it's challenging but seems to be working, anyway church is so much more than a service so we are hoping that as a community we really grow.

Life is good

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Poppy said...

So excited to read about the center opening...and also bummed because I'm ready to be there with you guys!