Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Quantity and Quality

First night out on the street last night. One of the things we tell all our teams is the importance of quantity time which inevitably will lead to quality moments.

It goes like this: If I want to have quality time with my sons I can try and schedule it in but often that doesn't work, moods are wrong, people are distracted, they have other stuff on their agenda, etc.. But if I spend quantity time with my sons in the midst of that I have quality moments.

When we read the book of Acts or the gospels we read about the quality moments. There is a lot of quantity time spent in between these quality moments that we just don't read about. Primarily because they would be boring! The book of Acts is basically a book of highlights, a collection of quality moments.

I am pretty sure this is the same for most of us whose job it is to communicate stories, we don't tell the boring ones. We talk about our quality moments, we don't always emphasise the quantity time time that led to those quality moments, we need to! We don't talk about the nights when nothing happens, Luke didn't write many chapters about the apostle Paul getting up and making a tent, having some lunch doing a bit of reading then going to bed. He gave us the best bits.

Like wise our work here is about investing quantity time walking the streets and hanging out with people then in the midst of that we have quality moments.

If you give the quantity the quality will come.

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