Monday, June 27, 2011

Are you a FOMO?

I was chatting to friend of mine she said she read in some girly magazine about a new condition people could be suffering from. It's been around for a while but living a secluded, sheltered life here in Ibiza I had never heard it before.

It's called FOMO, which just means Fear Of Missing Out - the fear you feel that you will miss out on something huge if you don't do something/participate in an event.

'I want to stay home tonight but I have FOMO so I will push through the fatigue.'

Fear that you will miss the best party, the best sunset, the best gig, the best night at the pub, the best conference, the best church meeting, the best speaker, etc.

Fear that stops us from resting, from stopping, from taking it easy, from stepping back and relaxing.

I see far too many people who are just too busy. I was reading somewhere about a church leader who was so busy he had to mow his lawn with a head torch on at night, whilst he was doing this he had a sudden realisation that all the busy ness of church life wasn't good and asked himself: "What exactly is it about my life that would make my neighbours want to become a christian?"

Are we too busy? Do we need to implement some changes in our lives so that we live a much more reflective lifestyle?

I was talking to my younger brother who lives in the UK, he was telling me how that if he wants to have a meal with other people in the church once they get their diaries together it's normally a minimum of 6 weeks before they can meet up. Surely this isn't right? or am I just being naive? 

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