Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We are not 24-7 Vomit

As a team we have been reminding ourselves that we are 24-7 prayer in Ibiza not 24-7 vomit. The reason we call ourselves 24-7ibiza is that 24-7prayer in ibiza doesn't slip of the tongue so easy. We are 100% committed to and part of the wider international movement that is 24-7prayer .

What we have found is that dealing with vomit and people in distress is surprisingly easier than actually talking with people about their spirituality and offering to pray with them. In fact if you are feeling a little under the weather spiritually you will default towards looking for drunks to help rather than people to pray with.

We are 24-7prayer not 24-7 vomit.

We will never walk by a sick distressed or lost person, we will never refuse to go and help a bar or the health centre at our core we are a praying group of individuals.

As well as being the prayer, by helping and assisting we can also offer prayer for the deeper unseen problems, the pain and trauma that people go through on an everyday basis. This is harder to step up to than help an actual messy situation, but time and time again when we do it, people appear to be really blessed.

Prayer is the key.

The vomit is a symptom of a deeper problem, vomit is the search for something that in the end will not make you happy. There is a prophetic significance in vomit.

I have supped and drank deeply of all the world has to offer and it has not made me happy, in fact it has made me sick.

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