Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Celebrate risk taking

We live in a risk averse world! A world where we talk about risk assessment.

I wonder what the risk assessment situation would have been around Peter getting out of the boat and walking towards Jesus?

The thing is Peter actually failed, he started to sink, it wasn't a success. Yet we are encouraged by the fact he got out of the boat and went for it.

I was talking to some friends about a church in california that celebrate risk taking, I loved it. We tend to celebrate success we don't celebrate risk taking.

This summer as a team we want to celebrate risk taking more than we celebrate success. We need to encourage each other to take more risks when it comes to sharing our faith. Lets not play it safe lets take a few risks, if we fall flat on our faces thats ok, at least we tried, we gave it a go, we took a risk.

Ask yourself whats the worst that can happen? actually don't ask yourself that question! Ask yourself whats the best that could happen? Live with the expectation that the risk you take is going to pay off. Something in me balks a little against my own statement, but thats because I am slightly risk averse and timidity occasionally shapes me.

 Take a risk celebrate risk taking even if it ends in failure.

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