Monday, June 13, 2011

Christian tourism

Just got in from picking up our first two week team, it's been a busy day, it wasn't meant to be but thats how it turned out.

Earlier we had our little community service which had a very eclectic mix attending, from ageing anglicans to young bar workers and everything in between. Probably about 28 people in attendance which is very good.

Then off to pick up the two week teams. i know some organisations see short term missions teams as an inconvenience but we don't. I have heard other people refer to short term teams as "Christian tourism" that doesn't work for us. We could only do what we do here with short term teams they are a necessary and essential part of the work here. In fact every nearly everyone who is here for the whole summer has been on a short term team. People who have moved out here to live have first rocked up on a short term team.

We also get overwhelmed with the workload and during the busy months the two week teams give us the energy to get through.

Our philosophy is that the teams have come to serve the work, the work isn't here to serve the teams. That doesn't mean that those of us here full time aren't servant minded or hearted, it's just if you start adjusting your programme for the teams it becomes about them. If you fit them into what you are already doing they enhance what you are doing and grow in the process.

We don't work our teams into the ground, we try to keep them fresh and make sure that rest is as key as work. Some peoples attitude to short term teams is to get them and flog them to death on the alter of servanthood!!!

Anyway we love teams and I am excited what the next two weeks will bring with our Irish Methodist 24-7prayer team.

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Brian Francis Hume said...

Brian, I LOVE your philosophy, "Our philosophy is that the teams have come to serve the work, the work isn't here to serve the teams." Well said! Blessings!