Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I can't do this anymore

Last night we were out on the streets, I was walking around with Gillian who is here for the whole summer. We were having a lovely chilled time, chatting with workers, looking for people to pray with it felt good.

We then received a phone call from a bar in the West end asking us to come and help a girl there who was in some trouble. When we arrived it became evident that she needed an ambulance, I don't want to speculate but it looked like she had taken more than alcohol! I stepped out of the melee to call the ambulance, whilst I did this, Gillian held the girl.

There were 4 other unconnected girls who were also being extremely helpful they had been consoling the drunken/drugged girls sister. All of a sudden the sister flipped out and started making semi aggressive moves toward Gillian who was helping her sister. I was on the phone to the ambulance. At this point Tim and Lauren who were also on our team walked by, Tim jumped in and took over from Gillian and Lauren started to help placate the freaked out and random sister. The timing was wonderful.

I had phoned an ambulance, the pub bouncer was helping out, and then came 6 police they just reassuringly watched whilst we waited for an ambulance. Other random holiday makers were taking photos of the drugged girl, this always disturbs me. Gillian and I stood back whilst Tim and Lauren looked after the girl, too many people can make the scene worse. Eventually I was able to show the ambulance crew to the girl. There was a big crowd by now, but the police got their truncheons out and it quickly dispersed. Gillian and I stood back and watched and quietly prayed.

Whilst the ambulance crew where dealing with the drunk first girl another girl got thrown out of a club she was in a mess and lying very close to the original victim, thankfully she had a more calm friend with her. This obviously confused the situation and made it all a little bit more manic, but Tim informed me afterwards that the whole time he felt "total peace". The ambulance crew can only take one at a time, they gave the new girl a once over and said, "we'll take the first girl can you take the second girl to her hotel"

All the time this was happening some of our guys where praying back in the prayer room, this is faith and action. Number one girl was put safely in the ambulance, her sister disappeared in the mayhem, Tim and Lauren then ran and got Gavin, who is on our team, and a wheel chair, whilst Gillian and I ran to get the Vomit Van. They got number two girl to a peaceful place where we could pick them up easily. We pulled up they got her in to the tranquil air conditioned van everything instantly became calm and we managed to get her safely to her hotel with her friend. All in all it was a job well done, everyone was safe!

Meanwhile (I hope this isn't to complicated) Jule's and Becky who are on our team bumped into the freaked out and random sister who was now with the 4 helpful girls looking for her sister. They walked her to the medical centre and thankfully her sister was there, sedated and in a bed.

It then transpired that they we staying in another town 20 miles away with their parents, the drunk/ drugged girl was only 16. Becky and Jules spoke to her parents who jumped in a taxi and came to get their daughters! It ended well.

However it disturbed me, set me on edge, worried me, my son will be 16 in November, she really was so young. On a weird level I just felt "I have had enough, I can't do this anymore" but something quickly happened in my disheartened spirit I got my head back in the game, God is our strength his spirit showed up and gave the push I needed. I was also reminded that there were 7 of us involved in this scene and what a great way to function together as community.

I'm not giving up.

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