Monday, July 04, 2011

Impromptu octopus

We had so much fun yesterday, went swimming with in the sea with Neil and my boys. We snorkelled out around some rocks just watching the fish, when we noticed an octopus.

We swam back to shore grabbed some bamboo that we found on the rocks and came back to hunt Octopus. Now this wasn't a very high tech operation and we felt we had little chance of success but we decided it was worth a try.

We eventually found an octopus, it all got a bit exciting as the 4 of us hunted this wild beast, there was a lot of ink flying about!!! Eventually after much splashing and chasing we caught it, it's very hard to stab an Octopus with bamboo so .

Due to the impromptu nature of our hunt we couldn't work out how to kill it, we found some nail scissors in the car and stabbed it through it's brain.

We took it home, as you can see from the photo above, boiled it then barbecued it and ate it, it was surprisingly good, very fresh. The only thing that worried me was we forgot to clean it before we boiled it, although we are all good this morning.

I don't have any pithy spiritual lesson from this story, only that it was fun.

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