Friday, July 29, 2011


Our third 2 week team departs today which is an indicator as to how quickly the summer is passing by. All our two week teams have been excellent this year, actually they are every year, this is down to a great application set up and also working with people you have relationship with.

How could I describe the summer so far?????

Prayers have been prayed, we have stood, knelt or just sat and prayed with many people on the streets, we have taken prayer requests, we have held hands in prayer, we have have prayed in the prayer room, we have walked the streets and prayed, we have gone to watchtowers and prayed, we have prayed all over the place....  it's really all been about the prayer, prayer and more prayer.

We have given away bibles, lots of bibles, we even had someone seek us out for a new bible because some one had stolen his!!! We like the fact that people want bibles so much they steal them.

The centre has been as busy as ever with over 150 people using it every week, one day last week we had over 24 people in at the same time. It's a hub, a third space.

We have walked countless people back to their hotels and helped many others home in our van, the health centre continue to phone us for help. Bar owners, security staff and workers also call us to help messed up people. The police occasionally watch over us whilst we do this. 

Our summer long team of 12 people is truly superb, we meet eat and pray together regularly, they are a joy to have here and fun to hang out with.

Our sunday gathering continues to attract a mixed bag of visitors, some weeks we have 40 people others weeks we have 20!! thats ok, we have workers, locals, team members and tourists all popping along.

This brief résumé of our work doesn't really do it justice, there is other stuff happening that I just can't blog about, but it's good.

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